Learning Laboratory sessions, to enable participants to better succeed in life now and forever, are available in-person and online. A subject presentation is prepared by a participant, with introductory notes sent out to other participants before the session. The subject is presented at the beginning of the session, followed by consideration and discussion.

Any subject which is of interest to the presenter and to the other participants, which is edifying, and which encourages and enables participants to expect more in life, can be considered. We all know many things about life, and guided group discussion around a particular subject can stimulate and motivate to learn and reconsider afresh.

A sharing about a life-altering encounter between two people is presented here for your enrichment and enjoyment. This is not a Learning Laboratory session, but is representative of the type of material that might be presented in a session. If you are interested in joining a Learning Laboratory session, please contact us.

Ken Stauffer at kenstauf@gmail.com,
Bibiana Aguero at bibiana.aguero@gmail.com.